LED Lights For Cars car turning LED bulb

car turning bulb, Car braking bulb. Model:S25-5050-18SMD Voltage: DC/AC10-30V, Lumens:180-250lm, 3W, PF 0.67, Base: BA15S, BAY15D,BA15D,E14,E12,G4
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LED Lights For Cars car turning led bulb

Item Name:1156/1157-5050-18          Color:White

Voltage:DC/AC10-30V                         Size:16*44 mm

Power: 2.5 w                                         Warranty:1 year

Lumen:180-250 lm                               MOQ:50 PCS

LED Chip;5050 Chip                             Packing:Anti static bag/Blister

Sockets:1156.1157                               Payment: TT/PAYPAL/Western Union

Working Temp.-40℃~+80℃              Shipment:DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT/EMS

All kinds of color you can choose before ording, pls contact us.

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  1.  Each ba15s led ac bulb contains 18pcs high quality 5050 SMD chips, which are much brighter than traditional bulbs as the max 250 lumens.

  2. Wide input voltage 10-30V, it means you can use the bulb on 12v and 24v voltage circuit.

  3. Bright only without delay time, do not flicker and protect your eyes.

  4. The heat of LED bulb is far less than halogen lamp and HID lights, greatly prolongs the service life of lamps and lanterns, up to 20000 hours.

  5.  This lamp has the advantage with high color rendering index(80ra),and any item will show rich color when it is under the lighting with high CRI. Otherwise,it will lose the color itself if it is under the lighting with low CRI.

  6. Enjoy 24 months replacement and refund warranty, save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.




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BA15S-5050-18SMD_07.jpg图片31.png图片32.pngYiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  shipping.jpg图片33.png


Q: What does 10-30v DC mean?
A: Most of our 12v DC bulbs work in the range of 10 to 30V DC. This ba15s led izzó means they are suitable for both 12 and 24 volt applications with enough overhead to cover the over voltage which occurs during charging.

Q: Are LEDs made using harmful materials?
A: No. LED bulbs are solid state technology, which means that they do not function using toxic materials, such as mercury, that can be found in standard halogen bulb not LED bulb. LED bulb is an environmentally friendly product,it does not emit no UV or IR.

Q. Why are LED light bulbs more expensive?
A. LED light bulbs are still a relatively new technology, and in the past they have been much more expensive than traditional bulbs. However, in the last 6 years, the price of LED light bulbs has dropped by around 80%. While they cost more upfront, LED bulbs will actually save households money, thanks to their energy efficiency.

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