12v Light Bulbs Automotive

12v Light Bulbs Automotive

Model: festoon-2835-6smd Voltage: DC10-30V Length: 31mm,36mm,39mm,42mm Application for car reading lamp, car ceiling lamp,car licence lamp
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12v Light Bulbs Automotive

Model: festoon-2835-6smd

Voltage: DC10-30V

Length: 31mm,36mm,39mm,42mm

Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Product feature.jpg

Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Application.jpg

Application for car reading lamp, car ceiling lamp,car licence lamp



Q: Which LED viewing angle should I choose? 

A: It depends on the application. Wide angle LEDs work best in signal lamp applications and narrow angle LEDs work best in applications where you want most of the light to be.

Q: Why do my turn signals flash fast or not at all? 

A: Most flasher units in cars are a thermal type. As the light bulb lights up it draws current through the relay and the relay heats up and the contact armature will bend from the heat generated by the current. When the armature bends, the circuit is disconnected. Then the turn signal lamp goes off. Once disconnected, the armature cools and returns to shape, reconnecting the circuit and the lamp lights again and the sequence repeats resulting in a flashing lamp. LEDs do not draw enough current to cause the relay armature to heat and function. This can be solved in a few ways. First, an electronic relay can be used that flashes on a timed clock circuit rather than through thermal action. We sell a selection of these that MAY work with your car. You will have to examine your existing relay and determine if one of our relays will work in your application. We do not have a cross-reference. Another way to solve the flashing issue is to install a load resistor across the wiring of the turn signal affected. The resistor will draw enough current to simulate a normal halogen bulb and allow a normal thermal flasher relay to function correctly. If you choose this method, please choose a load resistor with the same or higher wattage rating as the halogen bulb that was installed in that circuit originally

Q: Why will some cars not light LEDs at all. 

A: If you install multiple LEDs in the interior of your vehicle and none of them light, even after reversing the polarity, you may need a load resistor in the circuit to provide enough current flow to satisfy the lighting controller in your cars electrical system.

Q: How long does festoon 42mm led bulb last?

A: The LEDs lifespan are 20,000 hours. However, the electronics that go with them can be less. The warranty on them are for 2 years.


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