194 Wedge Bulb

194 Wedge Bulb

T10 194 LED BULB white,blue, green, yellow, red,pink,ice blue
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194 Wedge Bulb Replacement Bulbs for Cars, LED Interior Car Light Bulbs


Model: T10-5730-8SMD

Color: white,blue, green, yellow, red,pink,ice blue



How to setup the new car led bulb?

1) follow the base choose the correct led bulb

2) After 5 minutes engine off

3) clean the bulb's lampshade that can keep the bulb's spanlife

4) Before discharging the bulb, pls take the gloves and protective mirrors.

5) take the older bulb out, setup the new led bulb

6) After replacing the bulb, you should adjust the lamp to avoid glare



Q: What is a canbus LED Light?

A: The canbus LED Bulbs have a built in resistor which essentially fools the car ECU into thinking a standard bulb is being used and there are no issues, thus eliminating warning symbols etc.

Q: What is an external LED Resister?

A: Similar ability to the canbus led bulb whereas the resister can be used to enable the correct wattage is drawn from the LED eliminating any ECU issues.