LED Corn Lamp E40

Big power Energy Saving lamp Epistar 2835 LEDs chip led corn lamp bulb. LP-2835-120W: AC 85-265V,12500-14000LM
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Product Details

Big power energy saving Epistar 2835 LEDs chip LED corn lamp E40

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1. LED Quantity:

624 pcs

2. LED Luminous Flux:

22-24LM / pcs

3. Color:

Warm White/Cool White

4. Voltage (V):


5. Wattage (W):


6. Bulb Luminous Flux (Lm):


7. Outline size (mm):


Product feature.png

  1. Internal driver, wide input voltage AC85-265V can work on AC110V and AC 220V both voltage.

  2. Energy saving, replace 700-Watt high intensity discharge (HDS) or low pressure sodium (LPS) led corn bulb lamp.

  3. within  fan can emiting the heat well.

  4. we can supply 20W 30W 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W

  5. Aaviable base E27/E26/E40/E39

  6. 360 degree beam angle.

  7. No twinkling for LED Corn light: rapid start, steady work, no noise, no twinkling can effectively protect the eyes

  8. Green and environmentally-friendly: LED Corn light has no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, containing no mercury, lead and heavy metal.

  9. The corn lamp can be used to replace HPS, MHL, HQL, HID or CFL lamps, and also applicable in enclosed fixtures


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Widely used in slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, scenic spot, park, square and other public places for indoor or outdoor lighting and replace traditional sodium lamp and energy-saving lamp. .

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Q: Are LEDs a good replacement for fluorescent lighting?
A: LED lighting is an excellent replacement for fluorescent lighting, for several reasons. There is a power savings of a factor of 3 when you use LEDs to produce the same amount of light as you were getting from the fluorescent.

Q: Do I need to replace my light fittings to use LED light bulbs?
A: No. LED bulbs have been designed to retrofit existing fittings. Check the dimensions of the new bulbs, though, just to make sure that the particular product will be the correct size for your existing fittings.

Q: Is this corn light dimmable?
A: No, this bulb is used with a non-dimmable circuit only. If you need dimmable light, please contact us(lapulighting@yiode.com).

Q: Why won’t my LED turn on?
A: Your LED is designed to work perfectly, but if it doesn’t switch on it may be due to several factors:
The bulb isn’t receiving power from the switch
The bulb isn’t fitted securely in the fixture