LED Warehouse Lighting

High brightness big 20 watt led corn bulb led 360 degree light bulbs for warehouse. LP-2835-20W: AC 85-265V, 20W, 2300-2500LM
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Product Details

High brightness big 20 watt led corn bulb led 360 degree light bulbs for warehouse.

Model No LP-2835-20W
Power 20W
Input Voltage AC85V-265V
Lumens 2300-2500LM
Color Warm White/Cool White
LED Qty 128 pcs * 2835
Size 93*185mm
Net Weight 335g
Cetificates CE,ROHS
Warranty 2 Years


1. 360° Shining - no dead corner, consistent and stable luminescence

2. High brightness and energy saving

3. Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes 


Great for garage, driveway, post light, warehouse, barn, patio, courtyard , garden, street, office, school, hospital, shopping mall, supermarket, station, restaurant, hotel, workshop etc, anywhere need bright light.



Q: Am I able to use LED lamps anywhere?

A: Currently more people are using LED lamps in their homes. And this without compromising on comfortable light. Due to the wide range of light colours, LED lamps can nowadays be used in living-, dining- or sleeping-room, in the kitchen or in home-offices.

Q: What is a lumen?

A: A lumen is a measurement of light output. Lumen is becoming increasingly important as we transition from traditional light bulbs to LEDs. With incandescent lighting, most people associate brightness with wattage.  A 100 watt bulb is brighter than a 75 watt bulb. However, wattage is really a measurement of  power required to light the bulb and not a measurement of light output.

A 20 watt incandescent bulb produces about 300 lumens of light.  LED bulbs emit the same amount of light using 2.5 watts or less. It is the lumens that are important.  The less wattage needed to power light, the better and more efficient your lighting. 

Q: Is there a discount available if I order a large amount?

A: Yes, please contact customer service at > lapuled@yiode.com / lapulighting@yiode.com with your request.