LED E14 4000k

2w 4w E14 E12 filament cob led .e14 led light bulb,e14 led bulb 60w equivalent Item:E14-4BS-2W Voltage: AC 110V or AC220V
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small screw light bulbs with cob filament


E14-4BS-2W LED E14 4000k

1. Base:

E14/ E12

2. Voltage:

AC 120V or 220V

3. Power:


4. Luminous Flux:


5. Luminous Efflmicacy:


6. CCT:

CW 6000-6500K / WW 2700-3000K / NW 4000K


4*COB filament

8. Dimension:



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1) High quality chips, no lead or mercury, no UV or IR radiation that protects the eyes

2) PC and ceramic body

3) A++ energy rated E14 led lamp, save power up to 90% and save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting.

4) The bulb provides Less power approximately 230 lumens and illuminating your environment around you.

5) Very comfortable 2700K or 6000K color,perfectly replace the halogen lamp,




1) Direct replacement E14 halogen bulb

2) Too better check the dimensions  and base and voltage before replacements.


Used in sewing machine, fridge, cooker hood, microwave, bedroom, children's room, lounge etc.

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Q: How to choose your LED bulb?

A: Replacing your current bulb with LED is as easy as well, changing a bulb. Integral LED produces a range of retrofit lamps that will fit right into your existing lamp socket so you can begin to save money immediately.

Q: Which color should I choose?
A: The choice is a matter of preference and use. Light colour is denoted in Kelvin (K). 
Warm/Warm White - 2700K to 3000K - If you prefer yellowish light closer to traditional lamps. Warm white is the most popular choice for the home. 2700K is close to a filament lamp
White/Cool White - 4000K to 5000K - If you like a clean, modern, blueish light, mainly used in commercial, retail, kitchens, bathrooms and contemporary areas. Mostly available as spotlights.
Q. How long do LED lights last?
A. The lifespan of LED bulbs is many times that of incandescent bulbs. Typically, LED light bulbs have an average rated light of anywhere from 15,000-20,000 hours, compared to just 1,000 for traditional bulbs. More durable lights could have a lifespan of 30,000 hours or more.

Q. Can you give us a favorable discount ?

Of course, a favorable discount will be offered if the quantity is sizable.

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