4014 Warm White 12V Gu4 LED Bulb

Most Popular Low Voltage SMD LED G4 bulb G4-4014-48SMD: DC/AC10-16V, 210lm, 2W, PF 0.69
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Product Details

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DC/AC 10-16V



Luminous Flux


Luminous efficiency



48*4014 SMD





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  1. Mini size More lumens, provides 210 lumens illuminating .

  2. Emiting silicon,improve the efficiency,clear and Easy heat dissipation.

  3. Update the older G4-3014-48SMD, Same size but more brighter.


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Tips to replace G4 halogen lamp with G4 Led lamps/bulbs?


1.Identify the power of in-use G4 halogen lamps on existing light fixture, and decide which power of led bulb to choose. Usually 10W  halogen needs a 1.5W~2W Led bulb to replace.

2.Measure the max. allowable size inside the light fixture. This is to avoid fitting issue between G4 led bulb and your light fixture.

3.Check whether your G4 halogen lamp is powered by an electromagnetic transformer, or an electronic transformer.  In past years electronic transformers are more frequently used in various fixtures because of its lower cost.

What is the defference between warm white and cool white? 

The G4 LED lights are available in bright (cold) white and warm white colours. The colour temperature is measured in Kelvin, and high Kelvin numbers (above 5000) are considered bright white, while lower numbers (around 3000) are warm white. Warm colours are yellowish, more resembling sunlight, these LED G4 lights emit a very similar light to halogens. Bright white colours are bluish rather, resembling moonlight. These lights are brighter in performance as well. These two colours create whole different atmosphere in the room.

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