G4 Led AC 12V Bulbs

G4-3014-57SMD: DC/AC12V, 180-200lm, 2.2-3W, PF 0.7
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G4 LED Bulbs Product parameter:


1. Base:


2. Voltage:


3. Power:


4. Luminous Flux:


5. Luminous Efflmicacy:


6. CRI:


7. CCT:

WW 2700-3000K / CW 6000-6500K

8. Beam Angle:



57 * 3014

10. Dia:


11. N.W:


12. Package:

Neutral packing, accept customer packing

Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Product feature.jpg

1. Eco-Friendly:No lead or mercury; No UV or IR Radiation

2. Reduce re-lamp frequency:Lifespan is over 20000 hrs,save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently

3. Standard G4 base,can be easily fitted instead of ordinary halogen bulbs

4. Compared with halogen bulbs,saves over 80% energy and reduce the electricity bills


Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Application.jpg

Especially ideal for interior lighting in RVs, boats, and other battery-powered lighting. 

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Q: Where can LED lights be used?

A: LEDs can be used anywhere other forms of lighting are used. Because LED lights are cooler than other lights, they save energy when used indoors by lowering cooling costs. The long life of LED lights makes them perfect choices any place where normal maintenance is very difficult.

Q: Why do LEDs use such little power?

A: LEDs do not use a filament where a conductor is heated and light is created. Filament based lighting consumes more power than the light produced. LEDs produce very little amounts of heat and do not use filaments making them far more efficient in consumption and output.

Q: What does Color Temperature (CT) or Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) refer to?

A: LED lighting is available in a wide range of color temperatures from the warm yellow color of an incandescent bulb to the neutral color of a halogen or a cool blue color similar to a bright but overcast day. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the color temperature scale used to define what hue of light a specific LED bulb emits. Color temperature is based on the Kelvin temperature scale, measured in degrees, and ranges from 2600°K on the low end to over 6000°K on the high end. Most home applications utilize lighting with a CCT at or below 4000°K.  Most commercial environments or modern decors seeking to reproduce a daylight look use lighting with a CCT at or above 3500°K.

Q: Will it get too hot if I leave it on for a long period of time?

A: No the light will never become hot to the touch.

Q: Can you change the packaging for fund raising etc?

A: Yes, there is a minimum order required, please send details in an email to > lapuled@yiode.com / lapulighting@yiode.com.


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