Cool White 3W G9 LED Bulb

Cool White 3W G9 LED Bulb

Cool White 3W G9 LED Bulb Item:G9-3W, AC 220V, 220-240LM, 2W
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Product Details

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LED type: 3W COB

Wattage: 3W

Voltage: 220V

Light color: Cool white / Warm white

Lumen: 3W 220-240LM

Lifespan: >20,000 Hours

Lighting angle: 180°

Working temp: -10~+50℃

Features: Heat Resistant

Style: Modern

Type: LED

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  • Emitting full brightness within 0.5 seconds when turn on the light, no need to wait for warming up the lamp

  • Ceramic base and 360°heat dissipation design makes the LED bulb heat dissipation performance more stable, longer lifespan than ordinary LED lamps, which does great contribution to reduce the frequency of replacing bulbs.

  • 2 Year Guarantee: The 2 pin light bulb is with 20,000 hours lifespan (based on 3 hours a day).

  • Make your interior decorations and space brighter with this LED bulb products.


1. Cut off the power supply before replacing the light.

2. Make sure the power-supply voltage is correct before use, or it will shorten the life time or damage it.

3. Do not touch the bottom of the metal parts with any part of the body when the lamp is working.

4. Do not touch the surface when the light is on.


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why choose us-02why choose us-01FAQ

1. What wattage of halogen are these g9 led cool white 3w equivalent to?

G9 led bulb cool white is 3w and 220-240lm, can replace 20-30w halogen bulb.

2. How many LEDs are in the bulb?

G9 led bulb cool white 3w is designed with 1 pc COB LED chip.

3. Is g9 led bulb cool white 6000k suitable for outdoor landscape lighting?

Yes, but the G9 bulb is not waterproof. Please install it in waterproof light fixture.


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