gu10 led bulbs can do 3W.5W.7W. Model:GU10-COB-3W Voltage: AC 85-265V Lumnes: 230-260LM, Power:3.5W Power factor: PF 0.559
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spotlight bulbs Gu10 LED 3W,gu10 led bulbs 50w equivalent



1. Base:  

GU10 /E27/E14/MR16  

2. Voltage:  

AC 85-265V

3. Power:


4. Luminous Flux:


5. Luminous Effeminacy:


6. CRI:


7. CCT:  

CW 6000-6500K  /  WW 2700-3000K

8. Beam Angle:



1 * BridgeLux COB

10. Dimension:


11. N.W.:


12. Package:  

Neutral packing, customized

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  1. A++ energy rated GU10 LED 3W lamp from Lapu Lighting is much more brightness but 90% reduction in use of electricity.

  2. CRI 80ra close to the halogen bulb, you can have a more realistic and natural color experience.

  3. GU10 LED lamp is targeted illumination of objects as a beam angle of only 30° (spotlight).

  4. GU10 bulbs 100% Aluminum reflector good heat sink design & high quality driver.

  5. BridgeLux COB chip

20000 hours lifespan reduce frequency of replacing light bulbs and 2 years warranty.




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Wide applications: table lamps, pendants, ceiling fans, decorative indoor well in enclosed fixtures and tight spaces.

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Q: Do the fittings need to be replaced to use the LEDs?
A: Not usually. Most LEDs are made to retrofit into traditional fixtures, just pick the base and voltage of LEDs is same with your old lamp.

Q: Will LEDs save me money on my energy bill?
A: You certainly can. In fact, it's pretty much guaranteed as LED bulbs are far more energy efficient than their traditional, halogen counterparts. Less energy used equals less cash being paid out on bills, even during those darker couple of months.

Q: Does the ambient temperature of a room affect the function of LEDs?
A: Oddly, it can, but this is not a problem as LED bulbs can be used both indoors and outdoors, where temperature regulation is of course far more challenging! Bare in mind however that LED's are designed to work best within a certain ambient temperature, that of the standard home, so you shouldn't have any need to be concerned.

Q: Do I have to have Fire-rated fittings?
A: This is something you will personally need to assess. Traditional properties that are no bigger than 2 stories should not require them, but if you are unsure then you should consult an electrician.  

Q: Are “Energy Saver” and “Long Life” bulbs the same thing?
A: Yes and no! Compact fluorescent lamps do generally have much longer life than ordinary incandescent bulbs but there are also many other types of “long life” bulb, most of which do not also save energy. LEDs are more efficient and even longer lasting than CFLs. With average lives of 20,000 - 50,000 hours and higher, they truly are both long life and energy saving.