Dimmable 5W Spot GU10 LED Bulb

GU10-COB-5W: AC 220V, 400-450LM, 5W, PF 0.466, dimmable
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GU10-COB-5W 5W Dimmable LED Gu10

1. Base:  


2. Voltage:  

AC 220V

3. Power:


4. Luminous Flux:


5. Luminous Effeminacy:


6. CRI:


7. CCT:  

CW 6000-6500K / WW 2700-3000K

8. Beam Angle:



1 * BridgeLux COB

10. Dimension:


11. N.W.:


12. Package:  

Neutral packing, customized


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1. High CRI, 80Ra to create a health and real visual

2. Excellent replacement for standard 35W/50W GU10 Halogen bulbs with 5W 450lm high-brightness.

3. Low consumption.

4. Eco-friendly: No glare, No radiation, No UV


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Shopping, lighting, specialty lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting, home light, etc

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Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Product FAQ

Q: What is the lifetime of a LED-lamp?

A: The lifetime of a LEDlamp  amounts to ca. 20.000 burning hours. As opposed to conventional lamps LEDs are less sensitive to heavy duty and are almost maintenance-free.

Q: What is the difference between an incandescent bulb and an LED?

A: Incandescent create light by use of a filament. When power is applied, the filament glows, generating heat, in turn, producing light. LEDs are the opposite. LEDs create light though a “cold process”, when power is applied to semiconductors (usually gallium, arsenic and phosphorus) they’re stimulated by the movement of electrons; thus creating photons, the light that is visibly seen by humans.

Q : Do LEDs take a long time to light up?

A : No, LED bulbs take little more than 0.5 second to warm up to full brightness. This short warming up process is due to the way they work “cold process”. 

Q: Are LED’s costly?

A: Overall, the cost of having an LED lamp is cheaper due to their low energy emissions creating low running costs, but their initial cost compared to a standard bulb is considerably higher.

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