Festoon Light Application

- Nov 22, 2019-

Festoon lights are commonly used in car width lights, license plate lights, luggage compartment lights, roof light, glove box lights, etc.

1. The license plate light is placed above or to the left and right sides of the rear license plate of the vehicle to illuminate the rear license plate to ensure that the pedestrian or vehicle can see the words and figures on the licence 20m behind the vehicle.


2. The width light, also known as the "position light", is installed on the front, rear and side of the car. When driving at night, it lights up at the same time as the license plate light to mark the outline of the vehicle.


3. The roof light is generally installed in the middle position at the top of the front driver's seat. In addition to being used as interior lighting, it can also be used to monitor whether the door is reliably closed. In the state of monitoring the door, the ceiling light is illuminated as long as the door is not closed.


4. The reading light is installed on the front or the top of the passenger seat. When the light is collected, the occupant reading will not cause dazzling to the driver, and the illumination range is small.


5. The luggage compartment light is installed in the trunk of the passenger car. When the trunk lid is opened, the light automatically lights up to illuminate the space inside the luggage compartment.


6. The glove box light is mounted on the dashboard under the co-pilot and is used to illuminate the space inside the glove compartment when opened.

汽车灯位置Festoon-5050-4SMD 01