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MR16 spot led bulb Item:MR16-COB-7W with IC driver
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MR16-COB-7W IC driver COB Spot Light

1. Base:  


2. Voltage:  

AC 80-150V

3. Power:


4. Luminous Flux:


5. Luminous Effeminacy:


6. CRI:


7. CCT:  

CW   6000-6500K /  WW  2700-3000K

8. Beam Angle:



1 * huacha COB

10. Dimension:


  Product feature.png

1. IC driver, provides wide voltage AC 80-150V or 200-265V and high efficiency, PF 0.9.

2. Uniform luminance that protects the eyes,none of eyestrain
3. The energy efficiency class of a + + energy cost savings of up to 90%.
4. With a beam angle of only 30° (spotlight), this lamp is for targeted illumination of objects.
5. This 7w MR16 led bulbs can replacement for 60-70w halogen bulbs, that reduce power consumption by 80%- 90%.
6. Easy and quick installation so warming up time is less than 0.5 seconds.
7. 2 years unlimited warranty service. Reduce re-lamp frequency with guaranteed lifespan up to 20000 hours.



Widely used in the home, office, store, super market, bars, cafe, exhibition, halls, museum hotel, restaurant, decoration lighting and other lighting.

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Q: How much money can you save when converting to LED?
A: It all depends what you are converting. Incandescent to LED, fluorescent to LED, Metal Halide to LED. Commonly we can see at least a 70%+ savings on your energy consumption.

Q: What type of bases are available?
A: LED Bulbs are the perfect retrofit for your existing light fixtures. We have standard bases G4, G9, E14, MR11 and other typical bases that are common with incandescent and halogen installations. 

Q: Are LED bulbs available in different color temperatures?
A: LED bulbs are available in color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K, soft white, cool white, and daylight options. Usually Warm white can be used in living room, bedroom, hallway; Cool white can be used in kitchen, bathroom, office; Daylight can be used in retail, art studios.

Q: Are your LED fixtures/housings fire rated?
A: Fire rating depends on the housing, and currently none of our housings are fire rated.

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