7w led bulb MR16-COB-7W: DC/AC 12V, 470-520LM, 7W, PF 0.57
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MR16-COB-7W LED Mr16 7W

1. Voltage:  


2. Power:


3. Luminous Flux:


4. Beam Angle:



1 * BridgeLux COB

6. Dimension:




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1. Main material: aluminum lampbody and glass lens: that means the bulb has good heat dissipation and not fragile.

2. Built with big power COB chip: 7 watt, max 520 lumens.
3. Healthy and comfortable lighting: High CRI 80Ra close to the traditional bulb show you a more realistic and natural color.
4. Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, the MR16 LED spotlight provides high brightness led illumination and low power consumption. Besides you will save over 85% on electricity bill of lighting after using our LED bulb.
5. Immediately flood your room with a 100% light after switching on. 
6. Safe low voltage 12v can work on AC and DC voltage and no flick when turn on.
7. If used 8 hours a day, the bulbs be can use for 7 years. You can save maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.



Application Area:

A. Basic commercial lighting;
B. Generally matching in downlight, celling light, household lighting etc;
C. Shopping, lighting, specialty lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting, home light;
D. Commercial show windows and bars, airport, subway, cloverleaf junction and architecture field.


A. Non-dimmable;
B. Indoor use only;
C. Switch off the power before replacing lamp;
D. Keep away from direct sunshine and high temperature;
E. If any doubt about installation or use of this product consult competent electrical.


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Shipping Method:

By Express: DHL, UPS, Fedex, a fast and safe way for shipping, normally 3-5 working days for delivery;

By Air: In some area, the shipping cost by air is more favorable than by Express; 5-7 days for delivery

By Sea: the most economic shipping method, but cost longer shipping time; large quantity, heavy and not urgent goods can choose this way.

Your shipping agent or forwarder.

Our Services


1. For all your inquires about us or our products, we will reply you in detail within 24 hours.

2. All our products are two years warranty.  

3. We are a professional manufacturer of Led Lighting, with best production capability, best quality control, and best service.  

4. We have the design capability for LED power supply.  

5. We provide customized service to customer (OEM/ODM)




Q: Why do LED lights look so different?
A: LED lights are said to be a safer and healthier light. LED lights do NOT produce any sort of ultraviolet radiation which causes fabric fading, color fading in art, carpeting, and other soft material. 
Residential and especially commercial and industrial plants, stores, libraries, galleries, and warehouses can immediately benefit from LED lighting.

Q: How efficient are white LEDs?
A: LED light sources are extremely efficient. Our MR11 COB LED bulb can generate close to 75 lumens per watt. Incandescent lamps are typically 10 to 12 lumens per watt, halogen lamps 20 to 25, and fluorescent lamps 40 to 60.

Q: Standard LED bulbs claim lifetimes up to 20,000 hours but regularly fail within 2-3 years, sometimes within weeks.  Is that due to high temperatures or is there something else affecting their lifetimes?
A: Most standard LED bulbs we have tested do not have basic transient surge protection. When a large domestic appliance is operating, such as a tumble dryer or vacuum cleaner, they generate large voltage spikes or transients which can blow other devices in the same building, such as light bulbs.

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