30 Degree 7 Watt MR11 LED Bulb

led spotlight bulbs Model:MR16-COB-7W Voltage: AC 200-265V Lumens:450-550lm Power:7W, PF 0.9, IC driver
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MR16-COB-7W IC driver Mr16 LED Spot

1. Base:  


2. Voltage:  

AC 200-265V

3. Power:


4. Luminous Flux:


5. Luminous Effeminacy:


6. CCT:  

CW   6000-6500K /  WW  2700-3000K

7. Beam Angle:



1 * huacha COB

9. Dimension:


Product feature.png

  1. All our led bulbs are eco-friendly, no lead or mercury, no UV or IR radiation

  2. IC driver makes the lamp with PF 0.9, that means high efficiency, only one-tenth the energy of 70w halogen bulbs.

  3. Instant full light. The starting time is less than 0.5 s, no need to wait for warming up the lamp

  4. This is used as a replacement for a 50-70 w halogen spotlight

  5. Made of Aluminium alloy lamp body to ensure heat dissipation and clear glass lens.

The shortcoming with IC driver:  the spanlife shorter than the bulb with independend driver



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Q: Why do LED light bulbs flicker?
A: There should be no visible flicker from an LED light bulb in a fitting with a regular switch. Flickering could be caused by a number of things, including voltage fluctuations in the wiring in your home, or an incompatible dimmer switch. LED light bulbs are not designed to work with most traditional dimmer switches, and should instead have an LED-specific dimmer switch fitted. Using a non-dimmable bulb with a dimmer switch will also cause issues like this.

Q: Is the light from LED-bulbs with multiple LEDs brighter than incandescent bulbs?
A: The number of LEDs is not the determining factor for the brightness of the bulb. There are a lot of different LEDs and many sizes and effects. The most precise indicator for the brightness on a LED-bulb is the amount of lumen or lux. Lumen indicates the amount of light that is emitted from the bulb. Lux indicates how strong the light is, on a surface at a set distance.

Q: Which is better for LED lights, low voltage or mains circuit?
A: There is no right answer for this question as it is up to the customer’s preference. Mains voltage bulbs do not need external transformer/drivers and so there is this cost saving also.

Q: How much will the MR16 COB 7w bulb cost? Can I have discount?
A: When production is ramped, we sell for US$2.5 and operate an excellent business. The discount is according to your order. Please contact us for exact price: lapuled@yiode.com / lapulighting@yiode.com

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