85-265VAC 5050 SMD R7S LED Bulb

85-265VAC 5050 SMD R7S LED Bulb R7S-5050-72SMD:85-265VAC,1100-1250LM,12W±0.3W,PF>0.95
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Product Details

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Luminous   flux:1100-1250LMCRI:>= 80
Input voltage:85-265VACWork frequency:50-60Hz
LED Qty:72SMD5050Dimension:189*50*32mm
Beam Angle:200°Lampholder:R7S
Color:Warm whiteCCT:2700-3200k
Natural   white4000-4500k
Cool   white5700-6000k
IP   Rated:44Lifespan:30000Hrs
Working   Temperaure:-20~60°CWarranty:2 years
Certificates:CE,ROHSNet weight:0.14KG

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Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Application

A. Generally matching in downlight, celling light, household lighting etc;

B. Shopping, lighting, specialty lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting, home light;

C. Commercial show windows and bars, airport, subway, cloverleaf junction and architecture field.



A. Switch off the power before replacing lamp;

B. Keep away from direct sunshine and high temperature;

C. If any doubt about installation or use of this product consult competent electrical

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Q:What is R7S?

A:In simple terms, a R7S is a double-ended lamp. Most commonly, R7S is a double-ended halogen or a double-ended metal halide tube.

Q:What can R7S led bulb be used for?

A:On the whole, R7S LED will be the best replacement choice for:

Floodlights,Table lamps,Wall lamps,All base halogen lights.

Q:What should I pay attention when replace the R7S led bulb?

A:While replacing your metal halide tubes, you must remove the electronic ballast as well as the booster.

Make sure that the peripheral environmental temperature is not more than 55 degrees (typical environmental temperature is -20 to 45 degrees).

For the R7S LED dimmable versions, make sure that the voltage for the lamp is matching with the output voltage of the dimmer.