Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensor

Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensor

Three Wide Angle Design Solar Lightsled motion sensor light LP-SP-2835-34SMD
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Outdoor Solar Lights motion sensor

5V 0.55W Solar Panel Mini PC Solar Senor Wall Light, three wide angle design provides a wide illumination range.


Product Size L158.4×W105.2×H48mm
Warranty 12months
N.W/pc 305G
Color box size 16.5*11.5*5.5CM
Carton/pc 60PCS
Carton size 55.5*33.5*35CM
N.W./G.W. per carton 15KGS/16KGS

This solar light keeps the light off and charging during the day when there is sufficient natural light. The solar light has 3 lighting modes: Sensor, Dim and All-light.
Sensor mode:

In the night the lamp remains off until the sensor detects nearby movement.
The light remains on throught out the proximal motion, and stays 100% lighting for 15 or 30 seconds after the movement has stopped or left the area.

Dim mode:

Turns the 30% lighting on in dim mode during the night. Upon detecting nearby movement, the sensor bright 100% lighting.
The light remains on throughtout the proximal motion, and stays 100% lighting on for 15 or 30 seconds after the movement has stopped or left the area.

All lighting mode:
During the night it keeps the light on in bright mode at all times, whether in the presence or absence of proximal motion.





Q: Will the solar lights dim if the battery storage gets too low?
A: The power designed for the light is for full intensity independent of the battery storage. Dimming only occurs if it is a predetermined function set forth and allowed through the controls for adaptive lighting.

Q: Do I need charger for my batteries?
A: The batteries in your solar units are charged by the sunlight through the solar panel.
The batteries must be charged properly prior to first use. Turn the switch to the on position and place the solar light in direct sunlight for 3 to 4 consecutive sunny days.

Q: What type of Bulb does my solar light use?
A: We utilize the latest L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) on our solar lights. 

Q: Whether the rain water will affect the module?
A: Modules are fixed in the open since they have to face the sun. But rain water will not affect the working of the module, since the actual conversion of sunlight into electricity is done by the solar cells placed inside the module which is sealed and made water proof.

Q: How long can LED lost?
A: You should never have to replace the LED bulb in your solar lights. LED will run up to 20,000 hours. LED is not replaceable.

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