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Weather Proof Lights Waterproof IP65 Ceiling LED Bulkhead Light Bunker Light Fitting 12W LP-2835-12WR: AC 220V-240V, 12W, 960LM, IP65, round
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LP-2835-12WR Best Bathroom Lighting

1. Voltage:

AC 220V-240V

2. Power:


3. Luminous Flux:


4. Luminous efficiency:


5. CCT:


6. Material:


7. LED:

56*2835 SMD

8. Dimension:


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1. Waterproof design

2. IP 65 surface protection, suitable for commercial lighting and architectural lighting

3. Fire resistant and impact resistant feature

4. Perfect for living room, kitchen, hotel, office and many places where bright, chic ceiling light is needed



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Q: Are LEDs made using harmful materials?

A: No. LED bulbs are solid state technology, which means that they do not function using toxic materials, such as mercury, that can be found in standard halogen bulbs.

Q: Will LED lights fit into my existing light fixtures?

A: The vast majority of our LED lights will retrofit into your existing fitting. If you have any queries or concerns, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more: /

Q: Do I have to have Fire-rated fittings?

A: This is something you will personally need to assess. Traditional properties that are no bigger than 2 stories should not require them, but if you are unsure then you should consult an electrician.  

Q: Do LED's give off any heat?

A: LED light emits 90% less heat than a conventional bulb therefore producing more light than heat and gaining maximum energy efficiency.

LED lamp designs use heatsinks to move heat away from the LED junction to allow the LED to remain at their optimum operating temperature. As a result the heat-sink will get quite hot but no where near as hot as a halogen or filament lamp. The LED bulb will remain cool.

LED light bulbs will always operate at a lower temperature than a CFL or incandescent which has immediate benefits in reduced cooling bills in the summer months where we are paying for our Air Conditioning to cool our offices.

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