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LED Living Room Ceiling Lights for Kitchens Item:LP-2835-16WR
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Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Product Parameters.jpg

LED Living Room Ceiling Lights for Kitchens 



1. Voltage:

AC 100V-240V

2. Power:


3. Luminous Flux:


4. Luminous efficiency:


5. CRI:


6. CCT:


7. Material:


8. LED:

88*2835 SMD

9. IP Rate:


10. Dimension:


11. Package:

Neutral packing, accept customer packing

Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Product feature.jpg

1) waterproof design  IP 65

2) 120 Degree beam angle

3) White cover and black cover can choose

4) Flame retardant ABS

5) Certificate:  CE Rosh


 ROUND installation

Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting Packaging and delivery.jpg

round 12w-16w-18w

Yiode G4 G9 E14 MR11 LED lighting  Application.jpg

Ideal for use in hallways, bedrooms, stairways and bathrooms



Q: Aren’t LEDs bad for your health?

A: No. This is a common myth about LEDs!

Q: Are LED Bulbs a Green Technology?

A: LED bulbs are the only truly eco-friendly lighting solution. Unlike traditional forms of lighting where the majority of the electrical energy is given off in the form of heat, LED bulbs operate at around 80% efficiency. This means that an LED bulb converts 80% of its electricity into light energy with very little given off as heat, compared to an incandescent bulb that only turns 20% of the electricity it uses into light energy.

Q: What color temperatures are available with LED light? 

A: Color temperature for light bulbs is measured on the Kelvin scale. LED Bulbs come in a variety of colors, but the most common are in a range from 2700K to 7500K. The unfortunate thing is that the only consistent measurement is the Kelvin scale, Many manufacturers like to use terms like Day White, Natural White, Warm White and Cool White, but there is not a standard that defines a Kelvin temperature to associate with those terms. The general rule is WARM (2700K) to COOL(6500K+). The warmer the light, the more yellow tones, the cooler the light, there are more blue tones.

Here are the typical range of color temperatures:

* 2700-3200 - WW - Warm White

* 4000-4500 - NW - Natural White

* 5000-5500 - DW - Day White

* 6500-7500 - CW - Cool White

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